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Inspiring and uplifting!

After meeting Matt in lockdown, I’ve become a big fan of his work and what he does to inspire others with kindness and his amazing ideas like his tenner for good! This podcast is a must and it’s an amazing podcast that will inspire and uplift you 😁

Loved this

Amazing podcast. So engaging and learnt so much about Charlotte Church. Really inspiring and lovely to hear her open up.

Love it!! Really inspiring words from the participants

Great podcast. Only a few episodes in but loving it already. Dilys Price episode is a must listen 👌

Life affirming stuff!

Loved Matt’s interview with Kerrie Aldridge, her story is so interesting & life affirming!

Very inspirational woman

I've always enjoyed listening to Sophie and admiring her work, and it's very soothing to hear that behind that very strong, never stopping person who advocates change for the whole community, hides a fragile soul who is not all by the book with a master in Business, with lots of inherited cash to invest, or whatever. She's a person with a passion, and if she can do it, why can't we just all look inside ourselves and trust that we can do it too? 🙏

Awesome Podcast!!!

Matt, host of the We Make Success Happen podcast, highlights all aspects of business, success and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Just get on with it

This is a brilliant podcast for anyone that needs some inspiration or motivation to better themselves, achieve their dreams or even make bigger dreams. It’s such an easy listen. Thank you Matt!

We make this human happy 😊

I love Matt’s selection of conversations. Feel as if I’m in the front room as he is having his chats with his guests. A real positive and powerful listen of the difference we can all make.

Authenticity at its best

Matt is a great guy and passionate about showcasing people’s stories from diverse backgrounds. Storytelling is undoubtedly an informative and engaging method of sharing knowledge, and Matt appears to be a natural at guiding his guests through conversation to unlock their views on how to make success happen. Well done Matt, keep it up!

Podcasts to lift your soul

Matt Callanan is a special guy whose insight into positive attitude and behaviour shows us how our attitude in life both personal and in business can make a difference for good. Matt gives us a variety of podcasts from some amazing individuals to inspire and lift us up. He has identified some worthy inspiring authentic ‘real’ interviewees for his podcasts. Looking forward to hearing more!

Really inspirational

I’ve been following Matt’s social media content for some time as it’s always so positive which is refreshing. His podcasts are also very much positive and so far he’s had a brilliant line up of guests who are truly inspiring. With his easy conversational style Matt makes them feel at ease to tell their stories. After listening to 3 of Matt’s podcasts in 24 hours I was inspired to do something positive which ‘made success happen’. The show really is worth listening and subscribing too.

Great listen!

I loved Matt's episode with illustrator Lee Jon Phillips, so interesting hearing so much detail about his Shed project, inspirations, and life. A great interview. I'll be listening to more shortly!

Informative in the best possible way...

Matt never fails to impress me with all the different projects he works on, with this podcast show being yet another example of what he has to offer. Insightful conversations with a broad range of guests, provides a podcast show that is informative in the best possible way: inspirational & with heart so that you are always left feeling warm inside.

A perfect Sunday morning listen

Grab a coffee, grab a notebook, grab a pen and grab the comfiest seat you can find... take the time to sit and really listen, because there are so many takeouts from this podcast... and some beautiful stories.

Positivity and Happiness in Spades

Everybody needs this dose of good vibes in their life Listen and share the stories you hear !

"Just get on with it!"

So refreshing to hear from people who's path to success is not all about amassing financial wealth but making a difference and making themselves better people. Everyone interviewed, and Matt the interviewer are genuinely and effortlessly inspirational with no buzz words or agenda. My takeaway from it all is Rich Adlam's parting advice...."Just get on with it". Simple and obvious! Love it and highly recommended.

Great inspiration

Been following Matt for quite a while and this series is inspiring as ever. Great to motivate you into having a ‘can do’ attitude in a down to earth way. If I could give it seven stars, I would!


Fascinating conversations. Really enjoyed getting ‘behind the scenes’ of top level music production with Rich Adlam.

Inspires all of us to be more successful!

I've just listened to the first podcast with guest Matt Prior - very inspiring to hear about all of his life adventures, and highlights the spark of possibility in all of us. Matt Callanan has a really nice casual style of interviewing too and gets the fun side out of his guests, which adds to the entertainment. Looking forward to listening to the next episode very soon and going on my next adventure!


Love this podcast. Insightful and great guests.

Boom! 💥

Inspirational! Good vibes! Positive! Just the podcast I was looking for - excited to catch his one as few episodes into launching!x 😄

Conscious Conversation Around Success!

Super refreshing to hear intelligent conscious conversation around everyday successes. I particularly love hearing interesting everyday entrepreneurs and their definitions and perspective of success. Challenging and inspiring!

More already please!

Just listened to the first batch of episodes. There are a lot of podcasts about personal growth and inspirational people but this one stand out with Matts warmth, engagement with his guests and his infectious laughter. It’s impossible not to relate it back to your own journey and to be inspired to making some braver choices about finding what happiness means to you.

Super interesting

A brilliant mix of insights, laughs and interesting stories. Looking forward to hearing more.

Loved it!!!

Hello Matt and Matt!! Lovely to hear Matt C’s laugh and Matt P’s sarcastic and hilarious comments “well no one died!!!” Great to relive the trip of a lifetime I did with Matt Prior Adventure Academy - I guess I saw myself as ‘successful’ and have always enjoyed adventure, but I leant something unusual on that trip....... that I DIDN’T have to keep pushing myself to being better and more successful. I realised that it’s good that I know I’m happy at ‘middle management’ rather than getting the the top. Quite a revelation and then a revaluation - I realised that I was super happy where I was as long as I accepted that!! Still looking for the odd adventure but all is good!! Thanks boys!!

Great podcast

Matt’s awesome and this is a great podcast

Valuable listen

Great insight and thought provoking.


A refreshingly relaxed, insight into a very interesting man. So good I listened twice!